The Meid'ls

The concept of the MEID’LS holds immediate appeal for young children.  The MEID’LS are a group of four young women who entertain children in original shows and on CDs.   Their performances are educational and interactive in nature inviting the children to dance, sing, problem solve and share a laugh with the MEID’LS.  Each MEID’L is an endearing, humorous and colourful character; Freidl is sunny and bright, Aidel is gentle and kind, Dreidl is excitable, spinning all the time and bumping into her friends and Bagel is the baby of the group, a little bossy and demanding but loveable all the same.   The MEID’LS perform at Jewish Day Schools and at large public venues.

The performers have considerable backgrounds in music and the performing arts.  All have worked extensively with young children in educational settings.  They are noted for their friendly and animated manner, their comic skill and their ability to engage their young audience.


MEID’LS PRODUCTS include 3 original shows and their accompanying CDs.
Each pantomime and accompanying CD, is developed around a Jewish theme:-

  • The MEID’LS at Chanukah

  • The MEID’LS at Purim

  • The MEID’LS at Rosh Hashannah and beyond…

The response has been tremendous.  The MEID’LS are flooded with positive feedback from children, parents and educators.  They receive continual requests for
more shows and CDs. 

Feigl Cyllich – (Parent and Jewish Studies lecturer.)

Tishrei 2007 - Werdiger Hall