‘The Performance is of a very high quality.  The musical compositions, actresses and costumes and scenery are of a professional level.  The content is highly educational, providing an inspired foundation for Jewish Learning.  My 3 year old daughter learns all the songs which are so pleasant and easy to memorise.  These words she learns at 3 years old she will remember for the rest of her life.
Simple yet profound words to touch the soul of the child forever.”
Ilana Rotblat
Former Ballerina for the Divertisement Ballet Company and children’s playwright.

“When my 3 year old daughter hears the MEID’LS her whole face lights up….at last the Melbourne community has a form of entertainment that is educational, easy to listen to and imparts values to our children in a creative and fun way …go the MEID’LS!”
Nicole Kornhauser
 Director of Merkos Women

‘We love the shows and the songs and kids get right in to all the movements.  Then at home they play the music over and over again.  What a fun way to prepare for a festival!!! Thank you.”
Melanie Landau
Associate Director
Australian Centre for the study of Jewish Civilisation
Monash University

“Your beautiful CDs and children’s productions that are filled with love of Hashem, doing Mitzvot, Torah and Yiddishkeit are very inspiring and enjoyable and they instill wonderful Jewish values and morals in children.  My children look forward to each production and our CDs get played over and over again.’
Leanne Janet

‘As a parent who has undergone many years of musical training with my children, I must say how impressed I was with the highly developed music written and performed by the MEID’LS.  Unlike most simple Jewish children’s music that I’ve come across the MEID’LS music is quite sophisticated yet clearly not beyond the children.  Their music comprises many styles, rhythms, beats and harmonies which fully engage both children and adults.  VERY impressive!
Lauren Weiner

Tonight I got lost driving on the way home from the airport on a freezing raining night with kids in the back of the car.  Gid was hungry and started the trip saying, “I want to go home Mummy”  over and over and over…Your Purim CD was the only thing that would keep Gid calm and happy and eventually we found the way home. 
Again I want to thank you for many wonderful hours of singing you have gifted Gidi and I.”
Janet Goodvach

Tara has not stopped listening to your Cd, she remembers the dance moves from the show and after kinder everyday she puts on her fairy dress and does a performance.   I was hoping if you wouldn’t mind sending a couple more of the colour-in-sheets of the the MEID’LS, she is obsessed with colouring them in and keeps colouring over the sheets you gave us.”
Rochelle Parasol

“I took my 3 year old and 1 year old to see the MEID’LS show and we all had a great time.  The show is full of entertainment, energy, fun music and some wonderful messages about kindness and friendship.  It’s fantastic to see all the smiles and excitement of the young audience as they get involved.  A must see for the kids!”
Bindy Mushin

Our son loved the Chanukah concert and we have to play the CD of it to him every night.  The CD is getting worn down already!’
Hayley Jaffe

‘A fun pantomime style delight with a lovely Jewish feel.  The performers are thoroughly professional and totally tuned in to their audience.  Absorbing and so, so enjoyable.’
Rebbetzin Garfunkle
Blake St Shule

“You are creating a world for children that didn’t exist before….positive role models they can relate to.”
Faigyl Cyllich

‘We think you are so clever, artistic and creative….Thanks for keeping the fantasies real and a bit special for the children in our lives.
Linda F. Warschauer

“Doniel knows all the songs and hand motions.  It is nice that he looks forward to the Chaggim with MEID’LS songs.  Through the MEID’LS plays he is able to identify key features of the Chagim even from the tender age of 2”
Micki Lavin-Pell

…. From our young fans…
I love the MEID’LS so much because they have such good songs.  Bagel is a bit like me, sometimes I am bossy.  Dreidl is my favourite and she bumps into people.  I want to be like the MEID’LS when I grow up.  I love you so much.  I am giving you big kisses and hugs.’
Chani Kazatsky 4 years old.

“The MEID’LS are good, I enjoy their songs.  I listen to their CD all the time and I pretend to be all of the different MEID’LS”
Hannah Idel-Ku 4 yrs old



“After listening to the MEID’LS CD, I bought one for each of our centres, the children became so excited every time they knew the MEID’LS was on.  The room became alive with music the children could understand and relate to.  Even when the CD wasn’t on I could hear many children singing to themselves, “We’re the MEID’LS…”
Mrs Barbara Belfer
Head of Early Learning Center
Beth Rivkah Ladies College
Melbourne, Australia

Feedback from Melbourne Jewish Day Schools after our performance of ‘The MEID’LS in Tishrei’ August 2007

From Mount Scopus Memorial College
Outstanding, 10 out of 10.
The children’s attention, participation and enjoyment demonstrated the excellence of the show.  The concepts relating to the Chagim were easily understood.  An excellent presentation”
J. Lipsitz 
(On behalf of all the Kinder Teachers.)

From Sholem Aleichem College
“What a wonderful presentation!!  Your message was clear, the children’s pleasure was evident (as was the teacher’s!)  Excellent information to the audience’s level.  Easily the best show we have had for a very long time.”
C. Israelsohn

“You were outstanding, held the children’s attention from start to finish, engaged them, interactive, good mix of story, songs, actions, dance and messge of good values.
Excellent – everyone enjoyed it!”
S. Kahn

“the children really enjoyed the show.”
S. Freidn

“It was excellent, very age appropriate for the age group and loved the fact you included the children.  Thank you.”
K. Dodson

“The children were engaged the whole time.  Information well presented.  Just Great.”
A. Yarrow

“Excellent.  Age appropriate held the children’s attention.  Lots of variety – singing, movements.  Children’s involvement great.  Children loved it.  Liked the values included.  Well done and good luck!
L. Krupp

“A wonderful show pitched at the children’s level.  Fun and informative held the children’s attention and involved them.”
T. Gelman

From Leibler Yavneh College
“A bright, exuberant and well choreographed performance that was right at the children’s level.  All the children seemed to be totally involved.”
P. Reilly

“Fantastic use of song – great lyrics and tunes.  Children were very interested.  Good message.”
L. Pomensky

“Good audience participation.  Children enjoyed it.  I liked it too!”
M. Moss

“Dramatising was great, the children enjoyed the show!  Well Done!”
B. Rosenberg

“Very appropriate for this age group, loved the Succah building song.”
H. Mizrachi

Good to see children interacting with cast.  Good values given across.”
B. Fisher and L. Yardeni


From Yeshivah Brighton Kindergarten
“Outstanding.   All actresses played their parts very well.  Your productions are excellent.  Jewish learning concepts are fantastic.”
E. Kohn – Director

Very enjoyable.  The message was relevant to this age.  The values expressed throughout the play are values we are always working on in the kindergarten.
E. Graj

Excellent! Held the children’s attention from beginning to end.”
J. Menahem 

Feedback from Melbourne Jewish Day schools after our performance of ‘The MEID’LS in Chanukah’ December 2006

From Mount Scopus Memorial College
“Great connections of content and Mitzvot of Chanukah.  Good involvement of audience, kept children’s interest.  Songs delightful, lovely props.  I watched every teacher’s face during the performance and all were impressed.”
H. Schneider

“Very appropriate for the children.  Good awareness of the children’s attention.  Changes in movement throughout were very good (standing, sitting, moving.)
L. Silverman

“Liked how you incorporated manners and values.” 

From Leibler Yavneh College
“Engaging for this age group.  Good mix of active participation and listening periods.  Well Done.”
D. Alexander

Excellent production for Chanukah.  Great songs and children involvement.”
J. Isman

Great  show!  Age appropriate.  Loved the music – very catchy.  Overall very entertaining.”
H. Mizrachi

“A lovely performance.  Songs were easy to follow and pick up.  A good mix of getting the children to stand up and move about.”
C. Shapiro

“Great show, well done!  The children were so mesmerized by your songs.  Bagel- so clever!  These children are 3 and 4 years old and I did not see a child that did not participate.  Well rounded performance.”
V. Wasiak

From Yeshivah Brighton Kindergarten
Many important and relevant issues to pre-school children.  Music – fun and great beat.  Involvement of children, kept their interest.
Script well written and age appropriate.
E. Graj

“Wonderful, most enjoyable and colourful entertainment.  Children participated with enthusiasm.
S. Zulman

“Very well done, kids enjoyed the show.  Children loved the costumes and Chanukah songs.”

Feedback from Mount Scopus Memorial College after our performance of ‘The MEID’LS in Purim’ on 14/3/06

“The children were really focused an absorbed.  You seemed really well organized and well run!”
J. Rothman

“The children were engaged for the whole performance, songs were simple enough for younger kids to participate…great values”
D. Eisen – Music Teacher

“…This production covered all important aspects of Purim.  It was professional, wholesome, musically delightful and colourful.”
H. Shnieder

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