MEID’LS shows hold the attention of young children with their bright, colourful format, catchy music and humorous characters.  Presentation includes an eye-catching set, fun costumes and oversized props.  Through warmly encouraging the children to participate in song, dance and educational story line, the MEID’LS ensure continuous interaction from start to finish of the show.  Each pantomime includes the Customs, Hebrew terms and Values relevant to a Jewish festival.  To date Honey Apple Productions has produced 3 shows;

The MEID’LS at Chanukah

The MEID’LS each receive a gift for Chanukah.  Bagel is particularly pleased with her gift of 4 doughnuts and devastated when one goes missing. The other Meid’ls offer to help her find the lost doughnut but are distracted from their goal as they make Latkes, spin like Dreidl’s, light Chanukah candles and re-enact the story of Chanukah.  Will the MEID’LS notice the giant doughnut that tip-toes across the stage as they busy themselves with Chanukah activities? Bagel eventually finds her doughnut however, she learns that she must ask nicely and be patient if she is to receive what she wants… Song, dance and storyline are a celebration of Chanukah, the miracles that happened long ago and the miracles that happen everyday. 
“A fun pantomime with a lovely Jewish feel.  The performers are thoroughly professional and totally tuned in to their audience.  Absorbing and so, so enjoyable.’
Rebbetzin Garfunkle, Blake St Shule. 
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The MEID’LS at Purim

Aunty Shlemuzzle visits the MEID’LS and gives them each a picture of one of the 4 Mitzvahs of Purim.  When FREIDL offers to help Bagel hang her picture up on the wall, it is accidently torn creating a feud between these two good friends.  As the MEID’LS bake Hamentaschen, put on their costumes and listen to the Megillah, Freidl and Bagel begin to miss each other’s friendship.  While the MEID’LS are sleeping the Hamentaschen come to life and prepare a Mishloach Manot basket for each friend.  Upon awakening Freidl and Bagel exchange their baskets and discover the power of this Mitzvah to mend and strengthen friendships. 
“…This production covered all important aspects of Purim.  It was professional, wholesome, musically delightful and colourful.”
Helen Shnieder, Mount Scopus Memorial College. 
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The MEID’LS at Rosh Hashannah and beyond…

The MEID’LS are excitedly preparing for Rosh Hashannah and seem to have forgotten Aidel’s upcoming birthday.  As Aidel becomes increasingly distressed by their lack of interest in her Birthday it is Shepsy the sheep who intervenes and points out their oversight.  On Erev Yom Kippur the MEID’LS ask Aidel to forgive them for forgetting about her birthday.  Thus begins their journey of Teshuvah.  Realising that actions are as important as words they prepare a very special Succot Birthday surprise for Aidel with the help of their young audience.  Culminating with the joy of Simchat Torah this is one birthday celebration that Aidel will never forget.
 “What a wonderful presentation!!  Your message was clear, the children’s pleasure was evident (as was the teacher’s!)  Excellent information to the audience’s level.  Easily the best show we have had for a very long time.”
Cheryl Israelsohn, Sholem Aleichem College

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