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In December 2008 THE MEID’LS toured the USA and performed their musical show “The MEID’LS at Chanukah”. 17 performances were held in Jewish Day Schools and communal venues. For 3 weeks THE MEID’LS braved snow, ice and freezing temperatures while travelling across the Tri-State area delivering fun, smiles and laughter to over 3,000 young children.

The tour was a grand success. THE MEID’LS work was received with great enthusiasm by administrators and children alike. All who hosted a performance requested that THE MEID’LS please return and perform again in the near future.


Manhattan Steps
After watching THE MEID’LS perform, teachers in the audience wrote comments expressing their opinion of the show.  Here is a selection of their comments.

HANC Principal Rabbi Yagur shows children Australia on the world map
Hebrew Academy of Nassau County – West Hempstead NY
“The children were truly mesmerized, they sat for the entire hour with their mouths wide open!”
“I have been teaching for many years and this is the best show I have seen for young children.”

Day School – New York NY
“Love the accents!”
“I loved the show but more than that the children loved you.”

Haftr Point
Academy of Five Towns and Rockaway- Lawrence NY
“You brought a lot of Chanukah joy with the happiness in your smiles.”
“Wonderful enthusiasm of the actresses and believable!”

The Queens Gymnasia-Elmhurst NY

“Amazing I have no words.  This show was spectacular.”

Yeshivas Ateres Beis Yaakov – Monsey NY

“In an age where there is so little entertainment that is wholesome, this is wholesome.”
“Very often Pre-school programs don’t properly address the nursery.  Well this time my students were completely involved and unafraid.”

Yeshivah of Flatbush- Brooklyn NY

“How about going to Broadway?”
“The performers appeared to be truly having fun and enjoying themselves.”

Yeshivah North Jersey- Riveredge NJ

“Used all the showmanship of popular secular shows but with a Jewish lesson.  Very professional.”
“It appeared as if each child thought you were talking to them.”
“In America we use the word ‘jelly’ instead of jam”.

School - Englewood NJ
“I was very impressed at how the kids were so entertained, they sat through the entire show without getting antsy!”
Your songs are creative and engaging, I found myself doing the dances with the kids!”

Yeshivat Noam – Bergenfield NJ

Sha kids
Silverstein Hebrew Academy – Great Neck NY
“You really know Early Childhood.”

Chabad of the Pallisades- Tenafly NJ
“TEN out of TEN!”

B’nei Yeshurun Nursery- Teanneck NJ
“I would attend this show every year.”