About Us

Honey Apple Productions is an educational theatre company that specializes in musical theatre for early childhood (2-7 yrs.)  The company was formed in November 2005 and is based in Melbourne, Australia.  We are the producers of ‘The MEID’LS’ shows and CDs focusing on Jewish Education.  We are also the producers of shows related to social skills education (see www.honeyappleproductions.com)   All our products directly target the understandings and interests of small children with equal appeal for boys and girls.


Honey Apple Productions is devoted to developing a positive Jewish Identity and familiarity with Jewish traditions in young children.  

In accordance with Halachah (Jewish Law) our shows and CDs are created for women and children only.  While the Company is run according to Orthodox Jewish guidelines we endeavour to create an experience that will speak to all children.  The MEID’LS have been warmly received across the Jewish community.


Through the medium of entertainment we appeal to our audience’s sense of fun, humour and love of song and dance while also imparting core Jewish values.

Ruth Zimmerman B.A. Grad. Dip. Ed. – Director of Honey Apple Productions
Ruth received a teaching certificate from Michlalah College for Women, Jerusalem and a Graduate Diploma in Education from Monash University, Melbourne.  She founded Honey Apple Productions in response to the need for quality educational entertainment for Jewish children.  Ruth writes all our shows and songs.  Her work is inspired by 8 years of experience teaching children Jewish Studies in Melbourne and Toronto.  She has won international awards for song writing and her plays have been enthusiastically received by 1000’s of school children in both Australia and North America.

Melbourne Manager of Honey Apple Productions
Mikhaela Musat holds a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts majoring in drama
and dance. She has extensive experience in performance, production and
direction. Mikhaela also works with infants and toddlers in educational
settings. She brings her understanding of Early Childhood and her passion
for the performing arts to Honey Apple Productions.